Thief Thwarting

I own (used to own) a motorcycle. It was stolen a few days ago.

It got me thinking…

A really intelligent thief would steal something WAY more expensive. Thus, car thieves must be stupid. If this is the case, why can’t I outsmart them? Out-think them? Out-gadget them?

So here is my idea, and it is mostly an Android idea, so if you are unfamiliar with the mobile OS, then input any other ideas!

I needed a way to track my motorcycle, so I could give the police a good place to start. So why not hide a cell phone in my bike? It has GPS, SMS, video, and audio recording abilities. The ultimate thief buster.

So here is the electrical engineering challenge. Power said phone (even when the bike is off). Prevent phone from overheating.

Here is the mechanical factor: Secure the phone.

Here are some solutions I have worked out already. I could just keep this phone on me, and if I want to protect the bike, place the phone each night in its special hiding spot.

Other ideas include an accelerometer alarm, passive infrared motion alarm, anything to attract attention.

I’m pretty determined to do the cell phone idea, because its portable and cheap and could feasibly work on any vehicle. But let me know if there are any other thoughts!

Lo-Jack? Discrete switch to short out the spark plug so it can't be started? Promini with a few sensors, fire up a pair of these that are securely mounted?

Shorting out the starter is a good idea for a solo thief. But motorcycle thieves usually come in groups of three or four. They also simply pick up the bike, load it into a van or truck, and drive off. They seldom ever start it. Then they chop it up and sell parts of it that are untraceable.

Lo-jacking is very expensive. There are some cheaper alternatives to it, but still…very expensive. With a monthly service charge.

I do like the siren idea though!