Things to be missed 10 years from now...

Any discussion of C-string vs. String will probably be missing from the forum. Even cheap MCU might have 512KB memory.

What's your "things to be missed when yr=yr+10"?

I don't know, maybe discussions about connecting 2 (or more) Arduinos together as that will be built into the API by then.

Maybe having to choose a CPU based on features because they will all have everything. Even the 8-pinners will have 5 UARTs, Ethernet, I2C, SPI, CAN, 16-bit ADCs/DACs, etc etc but of course you can only MUX 2 or 3 functions to the pins at a time. The new LPC800 series is heading that way.

With increased miniaturisation maybe we'll miss access to chips we can solder (or even see).

Maybe my memory will have totally failed and I won't miss anything :slight_smile:


Maybe my memory will have totally failed and I won't miss anything :slight_smile:


yep, that's the one - 10 years from now i'll miss my memory !!

10 years from now when the (groundhog) question of 'I want to connect a video camera to my Arduino, is this possible?' The answer will be 'Sorry the arduino is not capable of 4K video but 1080P is no problem'

Spinning media drives with neat parts inside :frowning:

Well I know one thing that won't be missing in ten years and that is someone asking:

"why do I need to use a resistor with my LED?"

Because they'll all have inbuilt constant-current sources :slight_smile:


In 10 years the ice age will begin to grip the planet....

So you can remenis about days over 40f :slight_smile:

Just got one: "Can I run n programs at the SAME time? Please help!"

There will be multiple cores and some operating system that does that by default. A new question might be: I have m programs running at the same time, how do I coordinate them?

I dunno. Microcontrollers aren't exactly recent tech. They're here because they serve a niche market for automation that is more complicated than a couple of gates and less demanding than an ARM. Not sure that market will have gone away in 10 years.

Multiple cores, Ethernet, USB, faster CPUs, smaller packages .. all things that are already available if you want them. :slight_smile:

In 10 years the ice age will begin to grip the planet....

So you can remenis about days over 40f :slight_smile:

I already am. I had to borrow my mom's car to get to work yesterday, because my truck's tires were frozen in 8+ inches of ice. Nature needs to make up its damned mind already.

Through hole components. Everything will be surface mount.
Maybe etching PCBs - we'll all have 3D printers, and just put conductive trace right down on substrate?
Assuming we're not doing everything in FPGAs, and individual chips are still around ...

In 10 years the ice age will begin to grip the planet....

So you can remenis about days over 40f :slight_smile:

That means we must have a replacement for the DHT11's , the TMP34/35 and the DS18B20's of this world.
A market opportunity :slight_smile:

LM555, or even UA555
BC546, 547, 548, 549, 556, 557, 558, 559, OC44, OC45
12AX7, 12AU7
LM78xx, LM79xx, LM317, 2N3055, MJE2955
4000 series what?
74C series what?
selenium rectifiers, (still find them on old lead acid battery chargers.)
Just about anything that uses a vacuum as its operating medium, ie globes, valves(tooobs).

Tom..... :slight_smile:

PS: What I'd hate to see, a switch and a light source and a 64bit controller between them, its only job, that turning the switch ON, turns the light ON.
(Oops forgot the complicated bit, turning switch OFF turns the light OFF, might have to goto forum to find out how to do that.)

No, vacuum tubes are still around and will be:

High power narrow bandwidth lasers are all glass tubes filled with dilute gas. High power radio emitters, magnetos, etc. You can’t make electron guns out of silicon, right?

Ahh yes, but will you be able to buy a toob guitar amp that you can turn up to 11?

Tom.... 8)

Vacuum glass tube making has become a lost art. Very few can make them now. We had a dozen tubes that we use to do an intro physics lab. The tubes gradually degraded and burnt out due to student wrong handling and we couldn't find any replacement. Luckily we found a new model (with MCU inside to regulate current and voltage). We stocked up the tubes this time.

Hi, in Ten Years not another MH370 disaster, all aircraft will have transponders that will tell the ground even when someone uses the loo. And they cannot be turned off.
A transponder system completely independent of the aircraft electrics and on board control.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

ps Hopefully something constructive will come of this episode.

Why can they turn the transponders off these days?


Was this thread started because yesterday was the ten years anniversery that the Arduino was concieved? Which shows how much or how little has changed in 10 years.

10 years from now I may be missing my job as I enjoy my retirment. I'll miss being able to do anything on the WWW anonymously. I'll miss the support-line to talk to person, as I fill in a webform to lodge my question.

10 years from now it gets harder and harder to pick junk apart and salvage usable components - its mostly highly customized chip or junk mechanics with electronics compensating.