Thingspeak failing intermittently accepting data

Hardware is now only one NodeMCU-12E sending random data 1-10 every 10minutes. Now and then the webpage is not updated, even though connected.
2 sec delay added before client.stop() command does not do the trick.
Example below. Source code is big even though all dont care code is removed. Still showing the problem. Send it in next post?
Any hint is welcome.

14:40:45.878 -> Clear_Sum
14:50:37.001 -> restartTimer
14:50:37.001 -> restTime = 10 minute(s)
14:50:37.048 -> 6
14:50:37.048 -> Send_Sum value: 6
14:50:37.048 -> Send update til Thingspeak ***********************
14:50:37.101 -> connectToWiFi
14:50:37.148 -> Connecting to XXXXX
14:50:37.502 -> ............WiFi connection success
14:50:43.722 -> MAC: XX:XX:XX:XX:XXXX
14:50:43.769 -> WiFi connected
14:50:43.769 ->
14:50:43.822 -> Thingspeak connection done!
14:50:45.829 -> client.stop()
14:50:45.829 -> rainDropCount: 6
14:50:45.876 -> Clear_Sum

Problem solved!
I knew that Handshake with Thingspeak was part of my problem but I could not find how to.
Now I finally found the Thingspeak library that I did not know. I have been running a ESP8266 for several years knowing that I had fall-outs - but no cure.
Now using the library I get the handshake => problem solved.
Sorry for this noise - this topic can be closed.

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