ThingWorx Edge Microserver

I am looking at commercial IoT platforms (for sensors such as pH) and ThingWorx looks very accessible though costly. Their hardware microserver allows you to define data upload conditions (eg when there is a state change) as well as being able to calculate average readings over a period to help minimise data use.

Can anyone recommend ThingWorx or an alternative that will achieve the same outcome?

Many thanks

Arduinos! The Yun is ideal!


Can you provide a link to the specifications of the hardware? The ThingWorx site is so full of marketing BS I can't even tell where their product details are.

I may have caused confusion with my post. Thingworx provides a microserver (software) that you upload to your preferred hardware. In my conversation with their sales team today they mentioned RPi but had not heard of Arduino or Beaglebone.

I really like the idea of developing my application on arduino based system, hopefully using the spark electron when its available in October.

What I liked about Thingworx was the ability to send data only when there was a change to a state (eg the pH changes by say 0.5pH units then report this) and also be able to collect data over a period, average this then see if the average reading for the latest period (say 10 mins) is different to previous one, if yes then send data.

But my question is - is this possible to do what I require on an arduino bu another means, linking to another data platform (eg grovestreams, carriots, cumulocity, thingspeak etc.
Thingworx is about £20k per annum hosing and licence + data cost of £12 to £60 / year / device which seems significantly higher than other systems but the benefit of Thingworx is I can develop the app myself (im not a programmer) - id say that thingworx is the equivalent of squarespace of shopify for IoT.

You should not hesitate on the pricing. get into contact with a sales guy. Depending on your use case they make currently quite discounts. Anyhow it is a professional solution and application development is quite cool.