Thinking of starting a project but have a few questions.

Hello! Just wanted to start by saying I am new to this but I do have a degree in programming. I have a cool project I would like to do but I am not sure how difficult it would be. I would like to use a sensor that could be programmed to send a text message or an alert to a phone when the sensor is tripped. The only problem is that if I ever wanted to sell the product I would need a way to get the text message or alert sent to the buyers phone and not my own. Would I need to create a phone app as well? I am also trying to think of a way that the sensor could be triggered to send the alert. Is there a way to program a senor to send an alert when something is no longer in contact with the sensor? It cannot be done with motion. Plus it has to be waterproof. I don't want to give my project idea away which makes this harder for me to ask for advice. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!


My feeling would be to use a GSM board and libraries...then for it do have a default password.
You send it text messages to configure you would need code to receive the text messages and interpret them...

e.g. first letter is command...
N0404123456 - change number
Pmypassword to change password
if the text is not from a 'linked' phone...then password is required

Checkout Select case statement...


Thanks Andrew! Anyone have any other ideas?