Thinnest 5" LCD + driver?

Okay, something I've always wanted as a desktop programmer is a remote device with a display that essentially would be sent a bitmap, which would be displayed on-screen, and would relay any touches back to the desktop computer. In essence, it is a dumb display device and input device. I want to keep this device as thin as possible, so I am looking around for a 5" LCD TFT display that is as thin as possible. To keep it thin, the display would probably need a flat flex ribbon running to the driver board both for the LCD data, and the touchscreen.

I am thinking if I can find something like this, I can have the 5" LCD and a similar sized lipo battery stacked on top of each other, netting an average thickness of 1/4" or so, then have the driver board, bluetooth (HC05?) module, and the step-up boost board all on the "right" side of the LCD (in landscape mode), netting something that's about 6" wide by ~4.5" tall. If this works out well, I may even be able to squeeze in a couple of solar cells on the back so it'll trickle charge if you lay it upside down. This all assumes I can get someone to 3D print out a custom enclosure, heh.

So, all that being said, does anyone know of an extremely thin TFT with an accompanying driver module that can be separated by flat ribbon cable?


Using a cheap smartphone isn't an option?

Nope. Don't have the time to learn java to make the program... And even if I did, there is no way to ensure the app is never "broken out of" eg to the phone's menu. Besides, where is the fun in that? I bought an Arduino for a reason and it wasn't to go the "easy" way :)

Aside from that, there are no "cheap" 5 inch smartphones.

Finally, I don't know why you think I'd want a completely non-arduino solution. The last time I checked, this is an arduino forum. I bought the arduino so I could have fun making mistakes, learning, and being ingenuitive. Buying a cell phone goes against the entire spirit of getting into arduino in the first place.

Anyone else have input on this, by chance?