Third Serial on Nano 33 BLE (can be software)

I actually use both the Serial and Serial1, but I would need an other one, it can be software serial (even better since it's an inverted signal). Is it possible ?

I heard of this, but I think it's just changing the pin for Serial1, right ?

UART mySerial(digitalPinToPinName(4), digitalPinToPinName(3), NC, NC);


You may want to review the material presented here

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Thanks, that's where I took the information, BUT what's not clear is : does it change the pin for Serial1, meaning by creating mySerial with the previous command, does it change the Serial1 pin or those it create a new third serial (so can I have Serial, Serial1 and mySerial all 3 at once)?
(but I will try it and post my result here)