This brief visual dictionary of mech. engineering terms! cam, chamfer, etc...

This might be a bit off-topic but, I think within what could be good for bar sport :slight_smile:

So.. this is going to seem super simple to some people, but I found this mechanical engineering terms glossary super-useful:

Home - College of Engineering - University of Wisconsin-Madison (warning: PDF)

before these I had soooo much trouble following what people were talking about. Okay, so for some people this stuff is going to be obvious :slight_smile:

A lot of this is stuff you see every day but never knew it had a name.. :smiley: :smiley:

just thought I'd share this nice reference I found. you guys can let me know if this is too off-topic even for this sub-forum. thanks.

That's a useful link. I have bookmarked it.


Only 2 I didn't know, I guess I must do a lot more mechanical stuff than I thought :slight_smile: Just the other day I was looking at buying a set of keyway broaches, damn expensive though.