This is not for a Arduino board programming question.

hello I was wondering how can i disable the Espu8266-12e wifi in the Arduino IDE? I searched around online and mostly for what i find is how to put the Esp8266-12e in sleep mode to save power. or found searches on Can't connect to ESP8266-12e. I don't want to put the the Esp8266-12e into sleep mode I just want to use the processor only and disable the Wifi. does anyone know how i can run the ESP only without wifi? I need help please.

Hello this is a programming question. Shouldn't this be in the programming area?

IMO it shouldn't even be on the forum - I'm pretty certain Google has the answer.

Using the forum as a Google substitute is just lazy.

Fare Enough. but i haven't saw anything to disable the wifi only on the ESP8266. Only to put it into sleep mode.

EDIT: I did mange to find this.

WiFi.disconnect( true );
 WiFi.mode( WIFI_OFF );

I found it on the 28th website. It looks like i was searching for the wrong thing.