This is regarding my blind stick project that i posted earlier . The prototype is working and now instead of a bluetooth module i want to add a voice recognition module

I want to link the voice recognition module with google assistant without a
phone , can anyone give me a idea to do that . Kindly tell

This is the circuit , i used to make it , but it doesnt have the isd 1820 component which is used to record and play the voice message . Can anyone tell me how to connect it

Then ask for assistance in the related forum. For technical help in an Arduino forum real circuit diagrams are required, not pictures of some unknown boards with spaghetti wires in between.

To paraphrase @DrDiettrich, the diagram above shows how you hopefully wired the parts together, but doesn't explain any circuit flow or power contribution.

These elements are critical to designing and evaluating any hardware development in a meaningful way.
The pretty pictures like Fritzing and above are great in your user manual , but of very limited use to engineers or technicians.

Connect Power and Ground.
Connect the PE/PLAYE pin to an Arduino OUTPUT pin. Set the Arduino pin HIGH briefly to play back the sound.


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