This new insult to getting things done may be my last straw

I “just have to” a lot of extra find, click, parse to see about half as much at a time.

I’m taking a vacation and when I come back, if it’s this then I’m gone.


My guess is that you will never see the “good old days” again.

I’ve been using the new system for three days now (I was away from home last week) and I’m getting used to the quirks. I was quite confused at first but three days was enough to see all the advantages.

See ya goforsmoke. The new forums suck…

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Maybe I’m ready for AVRfreaks.

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At least with the Dark background my eyes quit Hurting.

It helps considerably.
Glad this new place has themes.
Now if only they had one in between :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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