This one is for the veterans

…or anyone who has ever come across a Palm TRGpro. I found one laying around my robotics lab and it turns out that it works! Specifically, it turns on, and I can use all of its standard functions except for wireless/whatever exactly the networking protocol is. So, anyone have any experience with these? Any ideas on how to get it working with my pc (I have the dock, but it doesn’t seem to want to connect)?

The TRGPro was built on version 3.0 or so of PalmOS. If you have a Linux box, the standard utilities like jpilot and pilot-link should work with it. If you’re on Windoze, look for a Palm Desktop CD from a Palm III or Palm V.

The PalmOrb app (it’s still on sourceforge) will let you use it as a 4x20 serial LCD with a Matrix Orbital command set. There were also freeware terminal programs for it (one of them was called “somethingtelnet” or “telnetsomething”, as I recall). Unfortunately, most of the old Palm software sites have either died, or turned into repositories for cellphone software. But there are still a few out there.

I don’t remember the “wireless” option. Was that a CF card with WiFi?