Thought Proto shield would help organize, but ICSP pins don't go through

Hi, I want 8 buttons. When a button is pressed, a different sound (mp3) and light (led) show happens.

I bought these parts:
LEDs: a BlinkM MaxM and LED Strip ( - ok
MP3s: a SeeedStudios Music shield ( - ok
Buttons: a custom board - ok

Problem became too many parts and connections (It’s my first project)

I got an Arduino protoshield ( to help share the pins (Music Shield plugs into all pins, and I need some for LED and buttons)

So I got the Protoshield to make a sandwich: Arduino UNO, Protoshield, Music shield. With BlinkM and Switches on the protoshield.

BUT, the problem is the Protoshield’s SPI header does not go all the way “up” into the Music Shield. Without SPI, the Music Shield doesn’t work.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance! Mike

From the pic that’s the ICSP it’s a port for connecting a programmer, SPI is wired to that but it’s also on pins 11 12 and 13 which the Music Shield says it’s using for SPI (along with 10 for chip select) and the protoshield says it’s passing though. Give it a go with just the music shield, if it work with the ICSP connected but not without complain to them as there datasheet says it’s supposed to be using the normal SPI pins. Baring that just connect them though with some long pin female headers in place of the existing ones on the protoshield probably cost you a buck or two on ebay shipped. The only thing connected on the protoshield are the ICSP 5v and reset pins so it’s safe to pass through.

Ok, cool! That's what I'll do then :-)

Thanks for the advice!


One of the SeeedStudio guys Steve gave me this advice:

If you don't want to use long pin headers, then on Music Shield, you can wire MOSI(pin11), MISO(pin12) and SCK(pin13) to the corresponding pins on ISP connector.

I soldered some wires across the top of the music shield and it worked great!