Thoughts on using ESP8266

Hi all,
I planning on working with ESP8266 for the coming months, and I have never worked with it.
I want to work on PlatformIO with the arduino core.

  1. I want to know which board I have exactly, it’s not clear what are the differences especially between those boards

. Below is the photo of the module I am using! its written ESP8266EX 302017 TUBOPFMG25 on the chip, just in case.


  1. Did anyone work with these chips? I am wondering what are my options for programming the modules, Do I have to use an arduino Uno and program them with 5V to 3V3 dividers on each pin?? Or can I use a specific 3V3 programmer for these modules? (I didn’t find any)

Thanks, don’t hesitate to share any experience with these chips! I want to know what are the possibilities.


I would recommend you get yourself an ESP32 board with everything on it instead of just a RF module. The ESP8266 is getting old. I got myself some original WROOM and WROVER board from Espressif from Digikey. They are cheap and have all the basics USB, power and I/O on them.
There are many other boards available. Some even have displays and buttons ...

You can also get similar boards with the ESP8266. The one I have is slower and does not run as long on battery as my other WiFi boards.

One can get a USB adapter for the ESP-01 module which eases programming and may be used for deployment:

The ESP-01 is a module intended to be plugged into a host circuit board. Without a carrier with well thought out power, they tend to exhibit frustratingly flaky behaviors. Thus, as noted in post #2 a board with integral voltage regulator is strongly preferred and something with integral USB serial makes development easier. e.g.

I like these WiFi Kit 8 – Heltec Automation
Also Wemos D1 mini ESP8266 – RasPiO Store

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