_thread module in micropython

The main reason for buying Nano Connect is the RP2040, WiFi support, some sensors and of course micropython (which is already my preference for pi pico - with _thread module available).
I already invested time and efforts in micropython and my current solution works on both cores of raspberry pi pico – The first core is running the automation loop and the second core provide user I/O.
Still Arduino Nano Connect micropython (open mv 4.1.1) does not provide access to _thread module, which is my key to access to the second core… So we have strong hardware but half of it available in python, so I can not port my program yet!

You may find an answer here but this is really a question for a micropython forum. I think you'll find there that you can run two concurrent-ish threads, one per core, and that semaphores are provided for sharing data.

That is exactly my problem _thread module is not available for Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect. Still Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 micropython provides access to _thread module in the way you described!

Please head over and check it out. People are using both cores on implementations of micropython that do not provide access to _thread.

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