Three bluetooth arduinos at the same time

I am new to Arduino having used infusion systems for some years. Is it possible to use 3 bluetooth arduino's at the same time and are there any problems in doing so. Thanks Paul

In theory it should be fine.

It depends on what you are trying to do. The Arduino BT is capable of a single serial connection (SPP in bluetooth terminology).

If you want all three BTs to talk to a single computer, that's OK. If you want each BT to talk to the other two, that's a problem, as you'll have to talk to only one at a time.

The bluetooth stack in the module on the BT is highly simplified so that the microcontroller doesn't have to implement the entire bluetooth stack. One of these simplifications is a single SPP connection (instead of the 60-something that the spec allows).

I don't know if bluetooth will operate in a mesh-type network, or if it requres something to be a master.