Three sensors and one piston problem

Here is my problem, I am currently working on a project for fun with one of my friend where I have three sensors, with two at almost the same place which needs to detect wether or not an object is present, if the second sensor does not detect an object the piston has to activate when the third sensor detects an object in front of it.

If the two previous sensor have detected an object then the piston has to stay desactivated even if the third sensor detects an object.

Can anyone help me? I have next to zero experience with Arduino and my only real knowledge of it comes from Youtube videos.

Thanks, Zulfy.

Start with tutorials.
Hello World.

Do you have the sensors?
A good next step would be hooking them up and printing the status of each sensor to the serial monitor.

Do you have the piston? (or maybe actuator).
A good next step would be testing the arduino control of that.

You have given us almost no information about your sensors or piston. Links? Spec sheets?