i am working on quadcopter project.. it was ready to fly but one night i forget to switch it off and since then i am facing many problems...
i bought new cell and tried the same program that i used before..which was working okay but now it is not as per my expectations.
problem is
1- whenever i am uploading the program my motor starts running to maximum by itself but before it was the minimum(throttle).
2-mapping value changed like ....before my propeller starts rotating at 583 to maximum of 1023 but now it is 133 to maximum..
plz tell me what may be the problem..

You problem is in the software or may be the hardware. How can we tell from your post.


previously i use


it is working but what i've to change in mapping value because motor start rotating at 133 only i.e. from serial port i am sending the 583 value it was start rotating but now start at 133 only...

Since you haven't told us anything about any part of your solution, how do you expect us to guess what's wrong with it?