Through-hole repairs


Is it really worth trying to repair through-holes on a simple yet commercially produced two-layer PCB or is it better to just abandon ship and buy a new board?

If it is possible, how is it best done? I've seen some references to kits available but no actual links so have no idea of cost. Also they seem to focus on replacing the through hole with an eyelet but I don't see how that guarantees it actually touches the associated trace?

Basically I have about 5 SparkFun 4x4 button pad breakout boards all with one or two bust through-holes from various LED and diode disasters. They're £10 each and that's before VAT! I don't want to bin them. (TBH I know SparkFun are cool and funky but I don't think those particular boards are very well made!)

You could stick a piece of bare copper wire thru the hole, then solder it on both sides.

Well the board's not as simple as I may be suggesting. The traces are very thin an they're "covered" so to speak plus I'd still need to stick components through. They're through-holes rather than vias.

It depends on the value of the board. Eyelets work; you have to uncover the traces on both sides and add solder to ensure connections. It may be easier to run wires to other nearby pads/vias... Or just to nearby traces that you uncover.

On the occasions where I have chosen a pad size just a bit too small compared to the drill size, causing the pad to disappear during drilling, I have just run another board ...