Throughhole version

I am looking for a through-hole design of Arduino Uno, Is it available anyere?
I found some Freeduino designs, can I use it Arduino Uno bootloader???

is arduino uno bootloader is board specific????

The UNO bootloader (optiboot) is not board specific.

For a through-hole design try Single Sided Serial, designed to be made at home and connect to a PC serial port:

Note: Nobody makes a through-hole USB-to-TTLSerial chip so you either have to use a serial port or a USB-to-TTLSerial cable.

You can make a breadboard Arduino and program it with UNO as ISP or other programmer.
This is part of a view of Arduino as a development board to make stand-alone products.

If you use the minimal circuit in the 2nd link, the 328 chip you program only needs power and ground to run, the rest is connect the pins you would use.

But – CAVEAT – none of those show a bypass capacitor between power and ground which you should include.

There is loads of these kind of things, like Arduino-on-a-chip and the V-USB projects and MIT High-Low Tech ATtiny …

Yes, you don’t have to use an ATMega328P. There are cores for other ATMEL chips available. The 1284 for example that Crossroads (a member here) has boards for is a heavyweight in terms of RAM, flash and EEPROM as well as pins for about $7. Yes, you can program that.

Best reason to buy an official Arduino is to support the people who made the IDE and this site.