TI SN74HC595 Eagle library


Ok, a software-type here with a rather obvious-answer type of question, but being the careful type, I thought I would post it to the forum for some feedback. I am looking for the Eagle library entry for a TEXAS Instruments SN74HC595:


I thought I had found one when I used the SparkFun-DigitalIC library. However when I selected the SOIC-16 package, the product description section changed the "Technologies" field to a value of "74LS595D". Now in looking at that component, it's also a shift register, and I found the diff by a separate search on the forum (thanks!). In looking at it these chips have the same pinouts (although a couple of the pins had slightly different names, they appeared to perform the same function), the same symbols and of course with the SOIC-16 footprint, that wouldn't change between the two (duh).

So the question is: can I use this device from the SparkFun-DigitalIC library for the SN74HC595? The answer seems to be an obvious 'yes', but again, I'm too careful to not at least do a little due diligence before proceeding.

Any feedback is welcomed, thank you!

Yes as far as laying out a PCB is concerned these two chips are identical. As are all 74xxYYY chips where xxis the fabrication technology and YYY specifies the function.

Thank you for the education Mike! I had no idea that those part numbers actually meant something. :relaxed:

Thank you for the education Mike! I had no idea that those part numbers actually meant something. :relaxed:

Yes in you case with 74LS595D the LS means it is fabricated with Low Power Schottky technology and SN74HC595 is High speed CMOS.
The 595 bit says it is a shift register.
Then the SN bit on the front is a manufacturer specific prefix.


For other variations.

Shift registers are available in many logic families. See the different options here for
"IC 8BIT SHIFT REG" filtered for Tristate output.