TI83 as custom computer input

Here is my project so far, I am currently lost for an issue I'm having; I'll explain later. I'm a beginner-borderline intermediate c++ programmer and this is my first big project. The idea is to have an 83 keypad soldered directly to the matrixing chip from a ps2 keyboard that in turn sends data to my arduino micro. From the code, I will set up most buttons to do what they originally did, but special buttons to shortcut to for example, the Greek letters in word (I believe with some keystroke programming, stuff like that is possible with the pro micro). I'm an engineering student, so the ability to have parenthesis, numbers, and functions like log at the touch of a button as an input to excel and matlab would be really handy. At this point, I have unattached the keyboard, soldered wires to the ps2 encoder, and that's about it.

So here's the problem I just had, I had the keyboard working using the ps2 library on my arduino uno. I left the room for an hour, and now it sends erratic data to my serial monitor. Tried restarting everything. Tried adding a pull down resistor to the data pin. Doesn't work. I tried it on my arduino micro, and it seems it is not getting past the line: if(keyboard.available); Have I just fried a good days work and a working keyboard? I don't have an oscilloscope, but I'm still getting power to the keyboard and the numlock lights blink when I plug it in. Any ideas? Also let me know if you guys think this is a cool project, as far as I've found, this hasn't been done before. There are examples of the ps2 keyboard as an input to the calculator, though.