Tian DAC 8 or 10 bits?

I'm using analogWrite(A0, value) and my sinewave output from the lookup table looks great (Vmax = 3.3V) when "value" is no more than 255. However when I put a decimal number larger than 255 I get odd results. The output jumps around randomly between 0 and 3.3V for anything over 255. In other words, I'm not getting a linear voltage output as I increase "value" over 255.

This seems to adhere to the PWM output from boards that don't have a DAC but Tian has a 10-bit DAC and I should be able to use 0 through 1023 for "value".

Any ideas why this is happening? Thank you.

Try reading the spec for analogWrite() !


Thanks for the remark, Mark. I did that... and saw that values are 0 - 255 for the PWM "analog-like" output, however the spec for that function does not mention the Tian or it's DAC output that also uses analogWrite(). Is there another function that allows us to access the 2 most significant bits of the DAC on Tian? If it's really 10 bits, there must be a way to send values up to 1023.

Thanks, Drew

I found the solution to this issue but it brought up another question:

The solution is to use analogWriteResolution(10);

The question is: Why isn't Tian listed in the Reference page? Only Due and Zero are listed as needing to use this function. I've been getting snarky remarks to my questions on this board, which is better than no answer at all, but in my defense I have to say that I've been finding it rather difficult to find information on the Tian, both on this site and on the internet in general. I'm new to Arduino and think it's a great product so I appreciate help, snarky or not!