Tic tac toe

I need to make a tic tac toe game using external push buttons and lEDs using Matlab
How can I start?

using lEDs
How can I start?

Depends pretty much on what the abbreviation IED stands for :wink:

I would start with some basic tutorials and learn to write simple code first. Maybe using google to find other tic tac toe projects would help give you something to work from.

How many LEDs do you plan to use for each square? Each square has three states: empty, X, or O. That sort of implies at least two unique states in addition to off. That would mean at least two LED's per square. If you are using separate pins for each input (9 buttons) and separate pins for each LED (18) that means 27 pins and you have exceeded the number of pins on an Arduino UNO.

You could keep the programming simpler by using an Arduino Mega which has far more than 27 I/O pins. You could use the UNO and make the programming more complex by using multiplexing. Three output pins to select rows and three pins for each column of the buttons and the two colors of LEDs. That's 12 pins and easily within the capability of the Arduino UNO.