Tide tank controller to keep aquarium water proportional to local tide

This summer I collaborated with some awesome high school students at Rocking the Boat in the South Bronx, NYC to make a system that would keep the water level in an aquarium proportional to the locally measured tide.

It works! (Mostly.) Photos, details, code, etc., at my site, rzach.me/tidetank.html.

(Project overview video on Youtube.)

  1. Why did you use a ruler with sixteenths of an inch? Why not a metric ruler, to avoid fractions?

  2. Getting the tide from a server seems to be overkill. Why not just use a formula for tide prediction? Or is the intent to use real tides, including irregularities such as those caused by weather?

Nice project,

Well done!

although I live 200 km from the sea, I could calculate what my local tide would be and use it to whatever :slight_smile: