TightLight- automatic 3d projection mapping

TightLight is the codename for an automatic 3D projection mapping method devised by (me) Grady Sain. It's a fast, accurate, cheap, and dependable way to projection map any number of objects of any size or shape. I developed this technique after many years experience designing and directing projection mapped events and shows. I used Touch Designer 088 to develop the system. It interfaces with Arduino hardware and custom built circuits.

What is "3D Projection Mapping"?


3d projection mapping is a catch all term that describes video projection mapping in 3d. Videomapping, architectural mapping, etc. are other terms used.

So- in a nutshell, you can take a video projector, aim it at an object, and cover that object with a projected image. If you "map" the projection properly (by adjusting and distorting the projected image), you can "force" the light to "hit" the object exactly where you want it to.

TightLight is a system that goes beyond a simple 2 dimensional image distortion, and maps the projection surface with an image distorted in 3 dimensions.

it's the future! it's very rad.