tilt position


I am controlling a single axis DC motor to follow the elevation of the Sun using two light sensors. The motor moves 180 degrees in a day.

The control circuitry of the motor ( solar tracker) will be mounted on the moving solar panel mechanical assembly. I want to know the changing tilt / position.

I choose the following accelerometer to calculate the tilt from dimension engineering

The accelerometer part number is ADXL335B. The accelerometer is 3 axis. It operates at 3.3V with sensitivity of 333mV/g. Its data sheet is as follows

My questions are

  1. How to choose the accelerometer for such an application?
  2. Did I choose the right accelerometer?


Any two or three axis accelerometer with sensitivity suitable for measuring acceleration due to gravity, including the ADXL335, will work as a tilt sensor. See the Freescale application note AN3461 for the method.

For proper operation it is essential to calibrate the zero offsets and scale factors for each axis.