Tilting LEDs

So I am completely new to electronics, the most I did was at school in product design.
My architecture project is all about representation, and I’d love to be able to include electronics into it.
I wanted it so when the plate my model will be on tilts to one side, those LEDs on that side light up. I was thinking LED strips. I’m not sure how plausible this would all be ?
Grateful for any help,
Thank you very much in advance!

That's very easy, an accellerometer/gyro module can detect orientation and movement.

So you want the LED to go on when you tilt the model? You can buy a tilt switch that doesn't need a microcontroller.
...I remember old mercury tilt switches where the mercury was in a little glass capsule with a pair of contacts. They used to make "silent light switches" that way. But mercury is pretty-much a banned substance now, so there is probably a different technology.

You can find all kinds of tilt switches, that turn on at different amounts of tilt and what not.