Time Based Musical Player


I am planning to build a music player which plays music automatically at specific time of the day for example, music play at early morning at 6:00 AM and evening 06:00 PM.

Could you please suggest what are all the components required to build this?

Thanks in Advance!


AN RTC and an MP3 shield?

An even better tool would be Google. This project has been done hundreds of times in one form or another. Look at some of the existing projects and see what you can glean. They may not look exactly like what you have in mind, but if you take some time to study you'll find most of what you need.

Thanks for your acknowledgement.

Basically i don't have much knowledge on electronics. Yes, many people did this kind of thing using RTC(DS3231) and MP3 shield.

is it possible to get time value from RTC into a variable?

is it possible to get time value from RTC into a variable?

The RTC would be pretty damned useless if you couldn’t. Do some reading. Seriously. You’re asking the basics that are answered on page 1 of anything you go study. Go read about Arduino and RTC. There are thousands of pages with examples. You shouldn’t need us to rewrite them for you and it would be a waste of our time to do so.