Time from PC

I am sure I am missing something simple here, but I need some help.

I am trying get the Arduino to ask my PC the time. I have looked at the Time page in the playground, but can't figure it out. From what I see, you have to give the Arduino an initial time through Serial.

This is a problem for me because I am updating the sketch I am using everyday, so setting the time every time I update gets to be too much.

My guess is you need a small utility running on the PC that would send the time to the Arduino. It must exists, if not, Icould do it for you. I am a teacher and as you know, we have a lot of spare time. ;)

I am a teacher and as you know, we have a lot of spare time.

I've heard that, also overpaid right? ;D

Just kidding, my youngest daughter is a high school special ed teacher.


GoBetwino can do it, but it's probably a little on the overkill side for your purpose.


For quick reference, the Arduino time library is (well) documented in:


From what I understood, the difficult part would to convert the PC time to a 10 digits Unix time format. But function “makeTime” found in “time.ccp” shows how its done.

So all the PC utility has to do is get the time, format it into a 10 digits ASCII string preceded it with a “T” and send it to the Arduino when it is questioned (the BELL char. in the example).

Of course, it would be a piece of cake if the internal time format in the PC used the Unix format, but that would be surprising :wink:

I've heard that, also overpaid right? Grin

Depends how you look at it. An engineer makes in a year twice my salary. :'(

But on a $ per hour basis, I beat him by a factor of 4 ;D