Time library issue

I am very new to the Arduino world. I have managed to install Arduino on my Mac and the software communicates with the board duemilanove. I even managed to upload and run the blink sample!
Now my first project needs to use the time variable, but it does not work.
1/ First I am not sure I have put the library Time in the correct place on my mac. Should it be copied into the user/Documents/Arduino/libraries folder that I had to create?
2/ When I try to upload the sample program ‘TimeAlarmExample’ using the Time library, I got the following error : setTime was not declared in this scope. Am I missing something I have to do to ‘compile’ the Time library?
3/ Here is my code, and I am sure it is not correct… please help!

 * Simple Test to activate 2 relays at a certain time everyday
 * relay 0 (main valve) starts at 8:25 am for 40 min (stops at 9:05)
 * relay 1 (valve 1) starts at 8:30 am for 5 min (stops at 8:35)
 * relay 2 (valve 2) starts at 8:40 am for 10 min (stops at 8:50)
// define pins
const int V0_Pin = 13;       // pin that the main valve relay is on
const int V1_Pin = 14;       // pin that valve 1 relay is on
const int V2_Pin = 15;       // pin that valve 2 relay is on

// load time lib
#include <Time.h>

// once off
void setup() {

  // initialize serial communications:
  // set time to now
  setTime(MacTime?); // how to do that?
  // initialize the pin as outputs
  pinMode(V0_Pin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(V1_Pin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(V2_Pin, OUTPUT);

// loop
void loop() {  
  if (time_t == "08:25:00") { ActivateValve("V0_Pin","HIGH"); }
  if (time_t == "08:30:00") { ActivateValve("V0_Pin","HIGH"); }
  if (time_t == "08:35:00") { ActivateValve("V0_Pin","LOW"); }
  if (time_t == "08:40:00") { ActivateValve("V0_Pin","HIGH"); }
  if (time_t == "08:50:00") { ActivateValve("V0_Pin","LOW"); }
  if (time_t == "09:05:00") { ActivateValve("V0_Pin","LOW"); }
  delay(1); // delay in between reads for stability

void ActivateValve(pin,mode){
  digitalWrite(pin,mode); // turn valve on/off    


On the Mac, the libraries are hidden inside of the application.
Close the Ardiono application.
Go to the Mac Applications folder and right click (CTRL Click) on Ardiono.app
Choose 'Show Package Contents'
Navigate to Contents/Resources/Java/libraries and put the Time library there.

Start the Arduino application again and select the 'Sketch'-'Import Library' menu item.
Time should now be listed there.

There's no need to go mucking about with the application folder. User-added libraries are, indeed, stored in ~/Documents/Arduino/Libraries, each in a folder there. So, in Libraries, you should have a folder for Time. That folder should contain, at least, two files (Time.h and Time.cpp), and should also have another folder for examples.

You do not need to compile the library; it's already compiled. What are all the errors returned when you try to compile the example?