Time limit on edits

I'm seeing more and more posts being changed after there are several replies and it makes half the thread look ridiculous. Plus there's the ones that just keep updating the code in the OP rather than posting the new versions. On another forum where I like to play we have a time limit on edits. You get either 5 or 15 minutes, I can't remember. But it's long enough that if you notice a typo or have one more line to add you can, but after others have had time to reply your post is locked and you have to make another to say anything else. I think such a feature would be very helpful around here.

I understand and empathize with the problem you mention. However I have written a few small tutorial Threads that I needed to update weeks or months later. I would not like that option to be excluded.


Don't worry about edits making a thread look confusing.
The thread soon scrolls off the bottom of the screen and gets lost in history.

I think what Robin2 said makes 'editing any time a positive'.


I rather like the unlimited edit capability. If I start a thread with new information and original code, but there's no comments, then I make use of the OP to frequently post updates. This means deleting and replacing attachments and completely revising the text, code, even the tile. After replies come in, I'll continue with new posts.

Also, its nice to be able to go back and make corrections using the strikeout feature. This has more than one benefit ... shows acknowledgement of error(s), prevents other replies from looking ridiculous and also shows new readers what information is relevant and what isn't.

EDIT: Oh, and don't forget we have this (look above)...