Time Study/Stop Watch/Rollovers

I am trying to use a switch and an Arduino Uno to make a stop watch that can send the data in a form excel can understand. I am thinking about using Rollovers but I am just not connecting the dots on how write the code for turning the switch on and off in the right form. If I could get some words of wisdom that would help I am pretty new to the Arduino and the coding hasn't been working. I havn't seen any good code on making a stop watch that uses the serial monitor so thank you in advance for the help. :slight_smile:

Very simple you can save data in a csv format , see this link >> Arduino to Excel How do I do it? - Interfacing - Arduino Forum

^ Use CSV formatting, and either: 1) Save to an SD Card, or 2) Output the string to the serial monitor and then copy and paste it into a text file. Both will be relatively simple (Assuming you get a shield with and SD Card on it), and you should probably do #2 anyways so you know you are generating the correct string.

Thank you that worked perfectly