Time to polish that Multocore OS

1000 cores running on an AA battery


Sure, just use 1 core to turn Arduino/C++ into whatever the rest needs.

I have a hard enough time programming for 1 processor, I can't imagine writing code for 1000 that has to all interact. What's that thing do for IO? I don't see 1000 IO pins to interact with the outside world. Is it multiplexing IO pins somehow? Maybe some big I2C or RS485 type busses internally? Every 50 or 100 processors shares a pair of IO pins for serial comms?

Epiphany-IV has already pointed out all the problems about this approach and the C language is defective, C++/11 will be THE solution

Shouldn't I expect the guys at ATI (AMD) and Nvidia to laugh at this "first to 1000" claim?