Time to say, "Bye"

Over the years, I come to know many members and I am sad to cancel my account and say, Bye. But I am having a very difficult time with senior members bashing newbies and otherwise just using the forum to force their particular programming style upon anyone who will read their tripe.

These few members goes far beyond just being rude about not using code tags, not formatting code before posting, etc. I my opinion, we have some senior members being just ass-holes in how new members are being treated.

Also, there is an undercurrent of misinformation that one must be fluent in C++ to utilize the Arduino beyond simple tasks such as blink. Much of this also surrounds "String" bashing... When a newbie is copying code posted online and use "String". Some members belittle them and simply refuse to assist until the statements are converted to "string". Hello... String is a legitimate command; Newbies should feel comfortable asking questions about all formal functions. There are polite ways to suggest other methods of coding.

Therefore, I am deleting my account as part of my public protest against rude, know-it-all members who care more about forcing C++ up someone's butt than about helping fellow members with their immediate problem(s.)

Now, newbies can ask some really low-thoughtout questions that could easily be answered by a simple Google query. If someone disagree with what is being asked, just do not respond - it is better for everyone to just move on if one cannot assist. No need to be rude, just leave the Google link if you want to make a statement.

Opinion by: Ray

Well, Ray, sorry to hear about that. Not all of us mind showing the newbies the ropes as if we are newbies ourselves. I'm tolerating the forum OK and don't see that much bad stuff in the sections of it where I hang out. But I do notice the different sections have different tones. Perhaps the programming questions and project guidance sections are more difficult to stomach. I use String. Sorry to see you go, and I hope you come back one day.

Thank you for your contributions to the forum, and thank you for the work on your web site.

Wish you would change your mind.


LarryD: Thank you for your contributions to the forum, and thank you for the work on your web site.

Wish you would change your mind.


I guess, most important, I hope I am not one of the people on your "naughty-step" list. And if I am please say so.

Also, I wonder if you are drawing a valid conclusion. We all have different styles and approaches to things. For example some people are strong on strict programming rules - just as some people won't drink cheap wine. And you yourself say they are very few.

Rather than abandon us because there are a few whose style you don't like, why not stay and keep up the population of "good guys".


Hi Ray

I have to agree with all of the above posts. Having been a member of several other forums I can say without a doubt that this is one of the better ones. I think travis_farmer said it best,

if the “bad guys” drive out the “good guys”, then the bad guys win.

Then who’s left to help the newbies?

Ray, I cannot agree with you. This forum seems to me very friendly in compare with others which I am visiting. Yes, sometimes it happens, but for me it is very useful and I learned a lot here. You are, Ray, very helpful member. Please, do not do it. Let whatever is behind your decision, better to sleep on it first.


Mrburnette, you have right generally, but stays here, in this way a good person will be still here :)

I deleted my account about 6 months ago for exactly the same reason, after almost 9k posts. Popping back in from time-to-time I see nothing's changed- in fact that's not true, recently it's got even worse.

goldenFox: I deleted my account about 6 months ago

No, it's still there

in fact that’s not true, recently it’s got even worse.

Please post some links so we can see the sorts of Post you object to.

I don’t agree with rudeness or bullying but, at the same time, I have no problem with friendly banter. Sometimes they are confused.


String is part of C++. Nice to know what you’re arguing before you judge the merits.

I would argue that String is a construct of C++, not part of it.

You need C++ to get String.

The Anti-String Conspiracy are pushing C++ to get beginners to not learn the wonders of String!

Let’s embrace not knowing about hardware and coding to fit. Lets go by feels instead.

Oh, what a shame :frowning: I’m a n00b here and would definitely welcome any nice words :slight_smile: Maybe make a Jordan-esque comeback?

You need C++ to get String.

There are lots of things you can do in C++ that are inappropriate on a memory-limited microcontroller.

I believe people should be informed about the limitations of their choices. This approach doesn't always work, however, viz one Donald J Trump, but at least I tried.

AWOL: There are lots of things you can do in C++ that are inappropriate on a memory-limited microcontroller.

All things you can do well on a PC.

But since they can be done at all on an AVR doesn't mean that beginners should learn to use C++ String that has problems instead of C strings. The latter are useful and promote knowing the hardware.