Time to upgrade the forum server again

This sites performance has been getting worst and worst over the last couple of weeks. Time to respond to page clicks and uploading comments is starting to slow to a crawl. This happened before in the past and wondering if the user base has grown too large for the server to support well once again? Come on guys the Arduino platform’s success carries consequences and proper server support being one of them. Can’t you throw some hardware and/or software upgrades at this problem? :wink:

I'm also experiencing this. Loading any given thread results in a 5-15 second wait time on the server loading the main page. The ?action=post page where I'm currently this on had a wait time of 14.19 seconds. I wanted to post this to correct the problem, so I was willing to wait, but this does a serious disservice to your reputation.

Especially with the Rev3 Uno coming out, and the holiday season fast approaching, you ought to fix this ASAP.

I think the server is under spammers attack, maybe they are the reason for this horrible lack? Upgrading the servers software could be a wise thing to do. Few days ago server was down for a while, and after that it worked like never before, hour later it was gettting back to it's slow state. Something happened, maybe reboot, but it helped for few moments?


Yeah, response time is really bad recently. Really need fix.

Really slow slow slow today, 30 secs page update time at best. Most likely this 'problem' is not going to fix itself?


Massimo commented the other day that they were aware of the problem and looking to fix it.

I guess it has happened at a bad time because I assume they are up to there arse in work with the new boards and the 1.0 release.


A lot of the time last weekend my browser just timed out swallowing my replies. I have taken to copying a reply before posting it. This is like 2 or three minuites delay on each read let alone post.

Forum is full of spam, that's why it is so busy. Bots are playing around and server is busy registering "new users"....


Massimo explained a lot of times that they are aware of the problem and they are trying to fix it.

It's for the new interest in the new arduino boards that a lot of users (and spammers) are now MORE interested in this forum.

We can only wait, and hope that the problem will be fixed as soon as they can.



Look Here:

While spam is an ever nagging problem it is not the reason the forum is slowing. The cause is more eyeballs; check the "Forum History" section...

  • Approximately 2000 new users each month
  • With the exception of March, each month has had a new "Most Online" record
  • With the exception of November, each month has had a substantial increase in "Page views"

A victim of your own success eh?


The site seems to be really really slow to respond today. Anything new on trying to get the site to perform to some minimum quality standard?

Do we have any statistics about these slow moments? How many concurrent users online? And same thing, when everyting is going smoothly?


Yesterday I was unable to get any connection to the site. The browser timed out. It still times out for me every 3rd page or so. It really goes in fits and bursts. This is mostly the forum but sometimes the main site, too. (and it isnt my ISP or suchlike - other sites work fine.)

And I am gulty in getting another prerson intrested in building with the Arduino, and loading the site :wink: - we did basic Arduino stuff over the Christmas days.

DNS/spammers ... :0


I wrote an article on the blog about the issues with the server:


Thanks for the heads up David, sounds like it was hours of fun for the whole family :slight_smile:


I can tell you my beard has never been this white before, my kid calls me Santa nowadays


looks like you really had a hard time of it
all very much appreciated :slight_smile: