timed cycle

Hi all I have a little liquid burner project that I need some help with code.
Its currently working with the delay function for 15 mins on 15 mins off. Thing is that all the liquid is evaporated after 1 hour so I need to be able to have the code either stop or pause until the user resets the burner

so on 15min off 15min on 15min then off until user resets

also sorry I'm very new to coding
thanks mart

So where is your working code?

There is none. Currently just using the blink delay but it’s a continuous loop.
Which is fine as it will only be switching one digital pin on and off. I just need it to halt after the second on cycle, so the user needs to reset and fill with liquid as the liquid is part of the heat sink.

You can use an infinite "while" loop as a halt,


but then the Arduino needs to be restarted somehow.

Better to just wait for a button push.

So you want the burning on for 15 minutes, off for 15 minutes, on for 15 minutes and then off until reset?

Post the code you have and I'm sure someone could help you change it.