Timed deer feeder

Hello, new here and basically totally uninitiated with arduino. I had a bushnell deer feeder and the

electronics died. It was capable of feeding twice a day for four different days up to six seconds at a time.

I have the feeder which is basically a large funnel with a motor controlled spinner at the bottom of it.

The feed blocks itself up on the spinner until timer kicks it out in circle pattern.

I tried buying separate 12volt timers and wiring motor but ended up wasting money on garbage parts.

Can an arduino be made to run a motor twice a day for 2 seconds on 12v battery power and backup solar?
Is it hard to do? and what might cost be? I have the motor and feeder.

Thanx for your time.

You will need almost any Arduino, a relay board, and an RTC to do that job I suspect.

You will also need to learn a little coding.

How much it will cost you depends on where you buy the parts from which in turn depends on where you live.

You do know that baiting deer is illegal almost everywhere in the US. Right? I'm sure you're not using it for that.

You do know that baiting deer is illegal almost everywhere in the US. Right? I'm sure you're not using it for that.

HUNTING a deer that was baited within 10 days of the bait being removed is the general rule that many states use.
some only say you cannot bait on management land. others prohibit during hunting season.
but, maybe the poster is baiting specifically to bring deer to keep them out of hunting areas ?
or maybe to bring them close for study and photography ?

simple answer is that an UNO with a Real Time Clock (RTC) and a relay board will do it for you.
the battery stuff you might already have ?

No I am not baiting deer. I do live in Canada. I leave it out after hunting season and during to get pictures out of my camp. I hunt elsewhere. The squirrels and partridge just love it also.
OK I will order an UNO I think as cheapest option. Not sure about a relay board etc. so will look around and see what their is. Totally new to this except some reading about other projects.
Thanx for info and I hope I can get some coding help when I get the parts together.
Maybe I should get you guys to line me up with the parts as I did some looking for relay boards and whew too much variation and I will probably get wrong ones.The timer at High quality buy looks good though. Will I not need motor shield also?


Don't forget a real time clock.

ebay pro-micro or nano. the ones with on board usb. not the pro-mini as it dooes not have the usb,

any 5volt relay board, one or two relays,

a rtc module

all very low cost.

if the motor gets a voltage, then moves, then gets a reverse voltage and returns then you only need the relays and the aruino with real time clock.

You do know that baiting deer is illegal almost everywhere in the US. Right?

Ever walk thru the "Sports" section of Walmart? 99 kinds of deer sex hormones, bags of bait feed of all kinds, wipes to control that annoying Human Scent. Wheww....

Deer Feeders Illegal? All 100 of these?

Personally I find this all pretty disgusting. But I'm not in charge.

Thanx dave

I will have a look on e-bay. I am just not schooled in these things and a total beginner.I won't get off subject about feeding deer I need this to spread food a couple times a day for two seconds and all the animals enjoy it all winter. I see lots of people feeding birds all the time.


ebay pro-micro or nano. the ones with on board usb. not the pro-mini as it dooes not have the usb,

any 5volt relay board, one or two relays,

a rtc module

all very low cost.

if the motor gets a voltage, then moves, then gets a reverse voltage and returns then you only need the relays and the aruino with real time clock.

If you're inexperienced with Arduino, I have to say, I'd recommend getting an official Uno (or micro, or nano), not an ebay clone. There are some fantastically shoddy clones on ebay, and you'd rather not have your introduction to Arduino be trying to get the bunk board you got from china to work. Once you have a known working Arduino, then getting the ebay clones is more attractive.

Thanks DrAZZY.
I will do that. If I can pick out the correct relay board and RTC that would be a help. I do have these kicking around not sure if it would help or may be overkill.


would like to get it all from one seller to make things easy.Ordering these parts from QKits Electronics
Item 's
It all comes in under wire for what it costs for new feeder so I guess I will learn something new.On second glance with shipping and taxes it is not feasible from them. It needs to be under $60. Will keep looking.

If you want to learn something new, this sounds like a simple project to get started. If your primary motivation is to do a repair that's cheaper than buying a new feeder, be careful.

In my experience, such projects have a nasty tendency to cost more in time and money than you expect. All you need do in your case is get careless with wiring and destroy some parts and the savings you were hoping for will be gone. Discovering too late that the parts you ordered aren't actually up to the task is another way to burn cash.

I don't want to discourage you from using an Arduino - I'd use one in a similar situation, but I already have plenty of spare parts from previous projects where there were problems.

Thanks Bill

I am not discouraged and I really do want to learn more about this amazing thing.
I have a huge selection of electronic stuff laying around from past auctions etc. Things I just sort of ended up with. One box of Displays that I believe were meant for stereos.

and a bunch of different chips. Stuff I have half halfheartedly been trying to get rid of. I just can't seem to throw it out, but I am now at that point trying to declutter my building.

Boxes of stuff like huge dc capacitors and some resistors(large) and a couple variac's . Anyway I would probably come up with lots of uses for an arduino.
I would like to be able to have a sort of wi-fi security camera set up so I could see if bears are out behind my camp so I don't let my dog out.
I walked out in dark one night and nearly peed on one till my dog barked and I had a time trying to get her inside.

Oh well thanks and I will keep my eyes open for a deal.

ordered board and relays and timeclock from gearbest. When it gets here will see what it will do.
Hopefully I will find the programming I need without too much trouble.


FINALLY!! got board and relays but no RTC . Go figure. Now to figure out how to hook arduino uno to relays and motor. still have not found code for it , or at least I don’t think I did. Asked a friend about it and he is good at electronics and language but has never used arduino. Will try and connect things first then see if I have it right.


Wow now that I have board I am even more confused. When I download a code do I have to delete a lot of the filler or do I just paste whole thing into uploader?

I tried the blink without delay code but it does not seem to work. Will try others after I ask questions.

Is the code on here for fish feeder what I am looking for and just needs to be adapted a little?
Here are some parts that I have . I looked on web to see some wiring but have not figured it all out yet to where I am comfortable trying it with power.Here are some parts

Seeing that the motor will need its own power would I power the arduino with a 9v battery and have a larger 12v high amp hour battery power the motor?


Got relays to work turning on and off for two seconds each. I only need one to work. Used this code

// Basic 4 Realy board connection

// Each relay is turned on for 2 seconds and then off.

// You can here them click as there state changes from off to on and on to

// off.

// You will also see the corresponding Red LED on the 4 Relay board

// light up when the relay is on.

// define names for the 4 Digital pins On the Arduino 7,8,9,10

// These data pins link to 4 Relay board pins IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4

#define RELAY1 6

#define RELAY2 7

#define RELAY3 8

#define RELAY4 9

void setup()


// Initialise the Arduino data pins for OUTPUT

pinMode(RELAY1, OUTPUT);

pinMode(RELAY2, OUTPUT);

pinMode(RELAY3, OUTPUT);

pinMode(RELAY4, OUTPUT);


void loop()


digitalWrite(RELAY1,LOW); // Turns ON Relays 1

delay(2000); // Wait 2 seconds

digitalWrite(RELAY1,HIGH); // Turns Relay Off

digitalWrite(RELAY2,LOW); // Turns ON Relays 2

delay(2000); // Wait 2 seconds

digitalWrite(RELAY2,HIGH); // Turns Relay Off

digitalWrite(RELAY3,LOW); // Turns ON Relays 3

delay(2000); // Wait 2 seconds

digitalWrite(RELAY3,HIGH); // Turns Relay Off

digitalWrite(RELAY4,LOW); // Turns ON Relays 4

delay(2000); // Wait 2 seconds

digitalWrite(RELAY4,HIGH); // Turns Relay Off


Now need to figure out how to hook it to rtc when I get it and then power it to come on twice a day in approx 12 hour interval. Any help would be great

OK ,i Have RTC connected and programmed.

I have this code and it has error messages Which I don't understand. Well I don't really understand any of it and I don't see many replies for me to help figure it out.

// basic two relay board timed animal feeder
// relay is turned on for two seconds at approx. 12hr intervals to spin 12v motor.

#include "RTClib.h"

// define names for the 4 Digital pins On the Arduino 7,8,
// These data pins link to 2 Relay board pins IN1, IN2,

#define RELAY1 7
#define RELAY2 8

#define FEED_DELAY 2000 // 2 seconds
#define IDLE_DELAY 30000 // 30 seconds
#define POST_FEED_DELAY 60000 // 60 seconds // could be longer (4 hrs even)


void setup() {

// Initialise the Arduino data pins for OUTPUT

pinMode(RELAY2, OUTPUT);


if (!RTC.isrunning()) {
// you need some means of reporting error. Could be one of the other relays.
//Serial.println("RTC is NOT running!");
// following line sets the RTC to the date & time this sketch was compiled
//RTC.adjust(DateTime(15_DATE_01, 11_TIME_51));

// Function to operate the motor and feed the deer
void do_feed(){
digitalWrite(RELAY1, LOW); // Turn ON Relay 1
delay(FEED_DELAY); // Wait for hopper to fill
digitalWrite(RELAY1, HIGH); // Turn Relay Off

// Function to determine if it is feeding time
boolean is_feed_time(int hour, int minute){


if(hour == 16 && minute == 0) {
return true;

return false;

// main loop
void loop(){
// poll the RTC for the time of day.
DateTime now = RTC.now();
int hour = now.hour();
int minute = now.minute();

if(is_feed_time(hour, minute)){
delay(POST_FEED_DELAY); // Wait enough to prevent double feeding
} else {
delay(IDLE_DELAY); // Wait a small amount before

C:\Users\Edge\Documents\Arduino\libraries\RTCLib/RTClib.h:113: error: 'uint8_t' does not name a type
C:\Users\Edge\Documents\Arduino\libraries\RTCLib/RTClib.h:115: error: 'uint8_t' has not been declared

arduino_feeder.ino: In function 'void setup()':
arduino_feeder:29: error: 'class RTC_DS1307' has no member named 'isrunning'
arduino_feeder.ino: At global scope:
arduino_feeder:49: error: expected unqualified-id before 'if'
arduino_feeder:53: error: expected unqualified-id before 'return'
arduino_feeder:54: error: expected declaration before '}' token

Any ideas from the pros out there.

The examples all show Wire.h being included. That removes most of your issues. Then you need to get rid of the extra closing brace in is_feed_time.