Timed LED Light On/Off

Okay so to start off, I'm pretty new to coding so be gentle please. :cry: I've been researching whether or not it'd be feasible to program an Arduino MKR Zero to turn on an LED strip at a specific time of night or day and then turn off an hour or two later. I've found code for a Simple RTC to keep time and Sleep RTC that would put the chip on standby at a certain time. How would one go about integrating the LED on/off code and Sleep RTC code (modified or not) in order to achieve the aforementioned goal. Or am I just completely wrong here?

Thanks guys!

Why not start playing with some simple code, learn and get experience? Why try to run before knowing how to walk?
There are example code for most of the stuff.

Hi Khadir
Simply it IS feasible, and I dont see why you would even want to use sleep.

You will need to write - or adapt - some code, and you will need some external circuitry to control the led strip, as the arduino digital outputs are limited to a low voltage and current.

Please tell us a bit more about your background experience and provide a link for the specs for the led strip.