Timed logging

Hello all,
I'm seeking for some help /advise here.
I'm working on a project where I want to use arduino as an i/o reader/logger.
Wich means I have the uno board, I want to connect a:
-timeing chip (the one with motherboard battery)
-an sd card receiver
-and a Bluetooth chip
This should be fine, but than I want to read 8 pins where sometimes 1,5-3 volts will show up.
Thats the information I need, with time tags, with seconds precision, and than log these into the sd card. Time and order matters. For example: it is important to know wich pin did receive signal before or after others, even at same second.
So I need this time logged line on the sd card, but as well I need the bloothooth on it, in order to be able to connect to it with a smart phone for an instance, to see see / read the log, as well as might be see the real time logging(?).
I will be really thankfull for any help with the code for this. :smiley:

What you want is possible and it is not even very difficult. But you do not really expect someone to make it for you, do you?

No, I'm not,
I'm just a newbie with arduino, came to it thru' this project as I need to find a solution for it, and found out that arduino might be a good choice for it.
Still I tend to be close to no clue even with some of the basics, that's why I posted this here as any kinds of help or advice is very welcome :slight_smile:
I keep working on it myself, but need to admit as it Is know this requires more knowledge than I have. :smiley:
But thanks to you making me sure that it is possible and at least not that hard.