Timelapse Dolly


I am an electrical engineering student with some programming skills.
I want to build a motorized dolly for my camera and I was thinking of using Arduino as the controller.
It should be able to communicate with my camera (act as an intervalometer) and a motor (preferably Shoot - Move - Shoot mode).
I was wondering how should I start? What board should I get and what accessories (like LCD screen, buttons etc.) do I need for that?
Where can I find some guidance regarding the programming itself?
Any other info or suggestions would be appreciated .

Thanks in advance.

You need to outline in more detail what you want to end up with and what equipment your using.
Question like…
What camera & how heavy is it?
How long does the track need to be?
Is the project for a simple linear movement (tracking) or will you want to do pan & tilt with the camera also.
Is this for use in the field (self powered) or will it always be near a power outlet.
How do you want to program the dolly (not arduino)? Push-buttons + LCD screen or PC/Laptop.

Maybe a Google search for ‘arduino time lapse dolly’ will give you some pointer in what you want/expect.

Board, LCD, Buttons, etc are going to be pretty easy. There is nothing about your project's requirements that limit those. You'll have to make secondary decisions on those.

As Riva suggests, your real initial focus is going to be motors. Determine what kind of motor you need to accomplish the task at hand.

I would suggest deciding on the size of the rail, then figuring out how will you actually move the dolly (chain, screw, timing belt...), next would be deciding on how fast you want it to move (both min and max speed). That will give you some information on what motors to pick.
Once you have the motors and know their requirements, you can look for electronics to drive them.

As for the microcontroller, any will do.

Great. Thanks for your help!
I will try to finish planning everything by tomorrow and re-post.

Don't have time to find it right now, but will try and look later. Do a saerch around in Google... I found what seems exactly what you are describing a few weeks ago. Search term was something like "Great Arduino Projects".

I´m doing my one professional timelapse 3 axis motion control system for timelapse. Maybe this could help: http://timeblocks.wordpress.com/