Timeline SK6812 RGBW

Hello everyone.
to start with it just has to be said I'm pretty new to this world, but I thought it's really exciting so would like to learn a little about it.

I want and make a small project where I want to show how much time is left of a working day on a column of SK6812RGBW joints. with 300 LEDs
I would like it to start every day at 8.00 in the morning and end at 16.00
then it must count up from 8.00 so it gently becomes more and more lit and at 16 all LEDs must then be lit.

a bold detail would be if it then at the same time started with and be red and the closer you get to the finish the more green it became.
at 16.00 all LEDs must then be on and bright green.

I have purchased components for it, but I am missing some info on how it could possibly be coded.

I hope there are some who want to and help me get started with this :slight_smile: thank you in advance for your interest in my project.

Interesting. Arduino Nano, RTC (real time clock) board like DS3231, 300 SK6812 LEDs (RGB or RGBW) and a powerful enough 5 volt power supply with maybe at least 20 amps and cables. Good luck.

thanks for the reply, I can see I did not get written by it was the code I needed help with, I'm sorry;)

What do you need help with? What have you done so far and what is the result?

As @flashko may have been hinting, powering 300 LEDs will be necessary.

It may be useful and save your eyes a bit of wear and tear and also mechanically weildier (easy to wield) to begin your experiments with but a small number of LEDs.

And it will be quicker if you deal for the first bit of development doing things a bit faster… very frustrating to wait around 8 hours then miss what you were waiting for, see something wrong go to bed rinse and repeat.

You could even do the LEDs coming on and change color over a period of time w/o using the RTC at all… then when the sequencing looks plausible, add the RTC to make the sequence happen precisely, maybe use seconds or minutes until it’s nearing perfect to switch to hours.


Thank you for your reply.
it was also my plan to start there, but I have not actually made any code at all yet as I am a little unsure what to look for.
my thought was as you mention of state with bare and low line changing fave. but what is the name of such a feature I should search for?

Google is your friend here.

arduino pixel effects

shoukd keep you busy.

Find projects that do anything like you are up to

arduino rtc

might also keep you busy.

Dunno about your coding chops skills; you may want to drag out and study some of the basic examples sketches that are available within the IDE.

Inevitable is your need to appreciate and account for some things you might learn up on ahead of time to save yourself a buncha grief

combine arduino sketches



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