<<timeout>> and Data packet send error (2) for ESP8266 wifi shield

hi, we got a “ESP8266 wifi shield by wang tongze”, and it successful connect with arduino uno, we are planning to send the sensor data from arduino, to the database, and through wifi shield.
But when we run the code, we got the following issue:

[WiFiEsp] >>> TIMEOUT >>>
[WiFiEsp] Data packet send error (2)
[WiFiEsp] Failed to write to socket 2
[WiFiEsp] Disconnecting 2

anyone could help us with it? Thank you very mcuh

But when we run the code

According to my crystal ball, the error is on the line whose number is equal to your user id. Coincidence?

anyone could help us with it?

Of course not, since you couldn't be bothered posting it.

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