Timeout Communicating whit progammer


I have an Arduino mega 2560 and resently it woulndt accept any uploads (it would first).
I get the error message:
stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer
after visiting a lot of forums it was probely the bootloader.

I have tryed the loopback test but that dint work (I dont know if this should work or not when the bootloader is corrupted)
(I did this by connecting reset to GND en TX0 to RX0)
I have bought another Mega 2560 and (tryed) to burn the bootloader.

I used the pins:
Mega that works Mega that doesnt work
5v - 5v
50 - 50
51 - 51
52 - 52
53 - Reset (whitout a 10 capacitor thought this was only needed for the uno)

I have burned the bootloader onto the Mega but that doesnt work (I did get a red blink on the beginning of the burning of the boorloader of a LED thats attached to pin 8 dont know if the red blink is wrong.. ).
(NOTE: im not sure I did burn the bootloader correctly because I couln't find an example of someone buring bootloader whit a Mega 2560 to Mega 2560).
I have the blinking LED on the mega that doesnt work (guess thats the standard when you burn the bootloader).
I tryed to upload another sketch (blink) and the same error orrcurs as before (also the loopback test doesn't work).
Im using Arduino software 1.5.8 and windows 7.
The other board works fine
I have tryed another usb port and cable but that doesnt fix the problem.
Does anyone has/had the same problem?


Lets start with:

What OS?

Post a link to where the board came from or a picture so we can identify the USB to serial chip.


Here are the 2 links where the boards came from:
(this one is of the Real Arduino brand it has a golden component)

and the other one (what is having issues) came from:

I think thats the right one.


And what do you exectly mean whit OS? Windows 7 32 bits?


Btw I have tryed to burn a bootloader onto the Mega2560 that doesnt work whit arduino 1.0.6 I takes way longer to burn and I got the error:
verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x1e000
0xff != 0x0d
verification error; content mismatch

I don’t think you need to burn the boot loader.

First check that when you plug the second board in that you get a device in device manager with the correct drivers then check to see if the loop back test works.


I have tryed the loopback test and installed the right driver (Same one as the other Mega 2560).
When I tryed the loopback test it dint send it back and non of the TX or RX LED lights up.
The good board is on COM14 and the 1 whit the error is on COM10 (COM10 and COM14 have the same drivers).


(The good board passes the loopback test)

Are there any indications of an error in device manager for the non working board?


No not that I can see of it says: “This divise works correct”
Ill add some pictures and translations so you can see your selfe.
(This is the link:Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.)
NOTE: its in dutch (if you want to google translate)


Well, I would now be inclined to request a replacement board. (You have one that works and one that doesn't and they should be functionally the same).


Yes, they should work both.... (As you sad: ''You have one that works and one that doesn't and they should be functionally the same''.)
Its unfortunate to hear that it is basicly ''broken''.
But (as allways when stuff stops working) the board whit the problems has no warranty.... (I dont think I can send it back to the factory (As I sad it is an replica)).
Ill try to burn the bootloader again whit an ISP progammer (This time whit a ISP progammer 1 whit a cable and not another Arduino).
(I still dont know if the burning of the bootloader succeeded when I used another Mega 2560 because I couldnt find someone esle who tryed it)
And if then progamming via USB is totally dead then I hope I can just progam it whit an ISP.
Enyway thanks for your help and your efford!!


(When I have the ISP controller Ill post the results here as well)
NOTE: Ill probely have the ISP in the next couple of weeks.


I reloaded the bootloader and that dint fix the problem.
I can still upload my progames via an ISP.
(I also think that the serial communication over the USB is totally dead)



How did you load the bootloader?

If it has an Atmel chip you can re burn the firmware to that also.