Timeout Error Arduino - Nothing working - Do I give up?

Hi, I have an Arduino Mega and I keep getting errors about timeouts, and I have tried everything you can find on the internet.

There is one more thing, updating the firmware, but I have tried and I get errors about AtLibUsbDfu.dll not found and the fixes all use a firmware updater called D&R Firmware Update Tool and I cant find the download. Now.. as you can tell, everything has failed. Do I try and upload the firmware with that program (someone please supply a download link) or do I just give up on the mega I have and use one of the three Arduino Unos I have sitting next to me?

I have a Windows 7.1 laptop
The port is correct
The driver is updated
There are no updates in the board manager
The cable is the correct kind
It has worked before, it stopped working after I gave up on an nodeMCU 1.0 12-E module that was faulty and switched to a HC-05 bluetooth module.

Man! I just realized how much has gone wrong! :confused:

All help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

In the Installation & Troubleshooting section of the forum there are some good posts that are stuck permanently at the top of the topic list. Give those a read. Using DFU to fix firmware on the Mega’s ATmega16u2 usually does not work and is a waste of time. If that chip is having problems, the DFU bootloader will also be gone, so you’ll have to use ICSP programming to write to it. You can tell if you are having problems with USB-to-serial section of your board by doing the Loop-Back Test. That is described in one of those sticky posts at the top of the Installation & Troubleshooting section.

Disconnect stuff that you have connected to the board to proceed with troubleshooting, such as disconnect any wires and modules. Go back to simple upload of the blink sketch when attempting to get the board to accept new uploads.

Finally, in order to get the best help, you really need to ask the best questions. Your post is pretty much all over the place, talking about many things, and your only real question is should I give up? Well, think about the people who may be replying, and what type of question they most likely be successful in answering or interested in answering. Perhaps a well-put technical question would be better. I had written the first 2 paragraphs of this post, and stared at it for a while with my mouse cursor over the browser close button, ready to give up trying to answer, but then I decided to go ahead and post. So my advice is in the first 2 paragraphs, and the answer to your question is: Yes, give up! :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks! I will just give up then if that is the best option. :slight_smile:

Oh, NO! Wait, come back. I was mixed up and left out the don't word by accident. I meant to say the answer to your question is: Don't give up!