timer 09:00 min program

please help me friends i have a required a program for 09:00 min timer i have a common cathode display four common cathode multiplex and connected int a = 1; int b = 2; int c = 3; int d = 4; int e = 5; int f = 6; int g = 7; int gnd1 = 8; int gnd2 = 9; int gnd3 = 10; int gnd4 = 11;

please please help i am in big trubble

Ok, here’s a simple count up timer. You can check when it reaches 9:00 and do whatever.
I like it because the digits are all broken out individually, ready for display.

How is your display wired up? Common segments driven from Arduino pins thru current limit resistors, and 4 NPN transistors to sink the common cathodes to Gnd one digit at a time?

simpleCountUpTimer.txt (3.08 KB)

Does this help?