Timer and interrupt doesn't work with i2c

Hi everyone I'm new on this forum, so I'm sorry if I haven't posted this in the right section. I'm trying to use wire library to read from the mpu6050 by using i2c. To do this regularly I'm going to use timer2. But when the timer calls the ISR, it seems to crash with i2c transmission. In fact I have no interrupt and no measurement from the sensor. I'm working on arduino nano.
Thanks to all
P.s. sorry for my bad english.

Please, post your codes with code tags (click on </> of the tool bar and paste your codes). Also tell the purpose of using TC2. Are you using TC2 to generate TC2 overflow interrupt?

Interrupts don't work in an ISR, and I2C communications require interrupts.

Have the timer ISR just set a global flag variable (declared "volatile") and exit.

The loop() function should read the sensor when the flag is set, and reset the flag when done.