Timer conflicts?

I am using the Arduino Due. It has 9 Timers. Does there exist the possibility that timers may conflict if I use functions that implement them? How do I know if there is a conflict? How do I notice if things go wrong? For example I guess the delay() function uses timers. If I call this function, does it disturb running PWMs? What do I need to know to avoid possible problems?

Is there a way to detect which Timer is used currently? There might be multiple Arduino functions that initialize and use Timers in the background, that I am unaware of.

I'm not sure, but does this help at all? Arduino 101: Timers and Interrupts - Tutorials - RobotShop Community

Hi @Lemonbonbon

The SAM3X8E microcontroller on the Arduino Due uses its system tick (systick) timer for the delay(), millis() and micros() timing functions. These are unaffected by any changes to the TCx timers.

Unless you're using a third party Arduino Due library that specifically uses the TC timers, there won't be any conflict.

Sorry but no.
You just have to look at the code, and that includes any libraries you use.

No because you don't actually call the tick timer. It is running all the time. The amount of disturbance that you will see in the PWM is very hard to measure. It is negligible. But if you set a software loop toggling an output you will see that some cycles are longer than others.

A PDF specific to Due's timers: