Timer counters and SAM3X8E docs.

Functional description of the timer counter is found on page 873 on the manual dated "28-May-12".

I'm a little confused on why they describe it as a 32 bit counter which counts up to 0xFFFF and resets. Wouldn't this make it a 16 bit counter as each hex character is only 4 bits?

Also if any one has an example of changing the timer on the fly without stopping and starting it that would be very useful! I haven't tried it yet but I'm assuming TC_SetRA, &TC_SetRC don't work without stopping and starting the timer.

Misprint? The text will have been converted from a pre-existing datasheet for some other
microcontroller, most likely. The register descriptions all show full 32 bit fields for the
counter etc.

I thought that must have been the case but wanted to check I wan't missing something obvious! Thanks.