Timer execution

Hello all,
Can anybody help me out
I want to run led light when button is pressed first time and to check button if it is pressed or not uptill 60 second.
if button pressed in between 60 second then turn led on
but if not pressed in 60 second then turn off the led light but cutting out its power supply through relay.

And when button pressed then start the execution as usual

Hi, your explanation is a little confusing in the middle part, please explain again in different words. Your project sounds like a simple light timer.

What type of led are you using? Is it AC powered? Is that why you want to use a relay?

Your description is difficult to follow. It may become clearer if you say why you are attempting to do this but it sounds like some sort of "keep alive" function that once a button is pressed, it has to be pressed periodically to keep the led lit. If the operator fails to press the button, the led is extinguished 60 seconds after the last button press.